Woman Seeks Farmer (2014)


Lika Berning   |   Nico Panagio   |   Bok van Blerk

Marga van Rooy   |   Magda Beukes

Anrich Herbst   |   Julie Strydom   |   Anthony Fridjohn

Henk Hugo   |   Charlene Brouwer   |   Almarida Reynecke

Martin Bester   |  Hennie Smit   |  Lindie Stander


Romantic Comedy, 123 min.


Mareike (Lika Berning) is a city girl and successful in her demanding career. The same cannot be said for her love life. After a confrontation with her boss, she decides to swop the city for the country and a bakery that she inherited from an aunt. But her new life in a small town is more than she expected. Apart from the fact that she must trade her business suits for an apron, things really heat up when she must choose between Mr Handsome and Mr Right.

Her frustrations and lack of baking skills are made even worse when she keeps on bumping into Neil (Nico Panagio), a farmer in Wakkerstroom. She decides to start dating other men but with disastrous consequences. Then she meets Stander (Bok van Blerk), a man who believes Mareike is the ideal woman for him. But is he the one for her or will she and Neil overcome their irritation with each other and find something more?


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