Dominique Swain


No one said being a teenager was easy.


Fiona’s life is so complicated.  Although she is eighteen, pretty, smart, and has caught the eye of Avery, the star athlete at their prep-school, Fiona has a secret.  She’s a recently bitten vampire who needs to claim her first victim by the next full moon, or she will perish.


No one said being a teenager was easy.


And that’s just the start of Fiona’s problems.  For starters, Avery’s current girlfriend, Sophie, is jealous, controlling, and not about to let Avery leave her for a girl like Fiona.  Then there’s Beckett, the vampire who’s bite claimed Fiona, who informs her that Avery is descended from a family of vampire hunters.  Consequently, Avery possesses instincts and skills lethal to vampires.  Beckett leaves Fiona with a horrible choice: Before the next full moon she can bite the boy she is falling in love with and live forever, or she can spare Avery but perish for lack of a meal of human blood.


No one is safe on campus as Beckett begins to stalk Avery himself.  Fiona, at once driven to prey on humans, but repulsed by this craving, must attempt to protect Avery without letting him know her awful secret.  Avery begins to appreciate his powers as a young vampire hunter.  Unknown to Fiona, there exists another vampire on campus—one who shares her distaste for killing, Ms. Quinn. On the night of the full moon, Fiona, Avery, Beckett, and Ms, Quinn converge to determine who will prevail.


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