Locked Down


Vinnie Jones   |   Tony Schiena   |   Bai Ling   |   Dwier Brown


When Life is a Death Sentence


Undercover cop, Danny, is infiltrating a drug ring run by hard core bikers.  When his identity is compromised he must fight his way out of the biker camp, killing the leader.  He is unable to shed his undercover persona, even off the job. Danny’s girlfriend leaves him.  The next morning he awakens to find himself surrounded by cops and in possession of narcotics.  Danny’s been framed!  He gets indicted and sent to federal prison with many of the bad guys he’s put away.


Vargas is a mafia boss who, though he’s a prisoner, runs the joint.  His tentacles stretch far and wide and allow him to run cage fighting in the boiler room of the prison.  The guards get paid off and the warden knows he is powerless to stop Vargas.  All the prisoners want Danny dead except Vargas. Vargas knows that Danny is the one guy who will put on some great matches.  He too wants Danny to die but he wants to make some money off him first,  Danny doesn’t want to fight but one shiv too many in the shower leaves him no choice.


Everything climaxes in a showdown to the death between Danny and the reigning champ, even as his lawyer has proven his innocence and tries to get him released before Danny loses the fight . . . and his life.


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