Last Blues (2015)


Manuel Gonçalves   |   Pierre Loussier   |   Pedroni Lucas

Alain Marseglia


Drama/Action, 123 min.


Inspired by Scorsese's work, Mafia movie that sees an old school Italian team face a Russian gang.  Silva (Frank Di Angelo) is one of the last Mafia’s godfathers in southern France.  Frank is his chief lieutenant, a trusted man in charge of racketeering, beatings, and executions.  He’s a model employee, even more precious when a rival criminal organization, headed by the redoubtable Russian Andrei Milkhov who settled in the area, is buying services of some of Silva’s men. When involved in a gang warfare, Di Angelo doesn’t lower these standards.  Events are going to force him to make a choice between his crime family and blood’s family, and he will soon learn that his own brothers in arms are not the most reliable allies.



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