Holomodor (2015)


Diana Dell'Erba   |   Rodolfo Tabasso   |   Paola Cannone

Daniela Bianchino   |   Raffaele Puccio


Horror, 88 min.


A horror movie that tells of a tragic act of alleged cannibalism that has its roots in one of the darkest events in history of mankind:  the Holodomor -"Extermination by hunger"

Is it an atrocious case of cannibalism or is it something much more terrible and dangerous?


This is the question inspector Rialto has to answer, looking into a mysterious massacre committed in the countryside and told through the eyes of a young girl, the only one who managed to survive. The line of investigation, beyond the girl’s deposition, is a strange password which, perhaps will open Pandora’s box and solve the terrible case.

Holomodor is an independent project filmed in both Turin (Italy) and the surrounding countryside. The project is entirely produced by Stefano Pivelli and Manuel Neil Bo and written by Alberto Ruga and Mario Gamba. The movie had been initially thought as a tribute to horror cults from the 70s such as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Hills Have Eyes.


The team got inspired by these movies and decided to produce a completely independent Italian movie. Holomodor soon became more than a tribute movie, the directors wanted to tell a creepy story that takes inspiration from one of the most tragic events of modern history: Holomodor, also known as Holodomor, the terrible Ukranian genocide committed by the Stalinist regime and caused by forced starvation and famine.




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